The stand designed for Rossetti Edizioni Srl, Rossetti Academy Srl and Sifa Industrial Design Srl was purposedly devised to house more than one brand in a single exhibition space, where the different product typologies could merge and interact in the best way.
The “Rossetti Family” design concept was created with the view to welcome guests as though in a large, 576-sq-m house. To the visitor’s eyes the stand structure appears externally with two front entrances. The L*alba ice cream cabinet, exhibited within a glass box, expresses design and high technology to be enjoyed at 360°.
The reception desk, characterized by lacquered pickled wood, welcomes the guests, inviting them to discover the stand spaces. The novelty for 2015 is a bar counter specially designed for Rossetti Edizioni. The journey goes on to the lunch area marked by its Provençal style featuring custom-made bleached wood chairs, printed wallpaper with drawers, table and lamps designed and developed as unique, custom-made items.
The metropolitan-style sitting room welcomes the guests. Sifa Industrial Design exhibits modular counters featuring customized and handcrafted front coverings, set in different design contexts.
“Luca’s Space”, minimalistic mood, counter with ecomalta (eco-friendly mortar) covering. “Giulia’s World”, sophisticated mood, bar counter with decorated front covering featuring ceramic glaze by Mod (Deruta). “Giacomo’s Hangout”, vintage mood, solid wood, old-fashioned furnishing.