Pino Ladisa

The place designed for the client originated from Mr and Mrs Ladisa’s need for an innovative, stylish and refined concept. The products are displayed in a six-meter-long cabinet line.
The project was developed on a 150 or so-sq m surface including shop and laboratory. The client’s need was to separate the pastries sale and the bar area into two distinct areas.
A band running on the floor and on the ceiling clearly marks out the two areas and leads the patron along the place; the floor is characterized by ceramic tiles, whereas the five-meter-long display wall is of wenge wood. Big chandeliers by “Moooi” hang from the wooden panel on the ceiling, creating a cascade of led lights.
The bar counter, specially and uniquely designed for the client, is of white corian. A long horizontal cut interrupts its monolithic structure to allow fitting of an in-built cabinet. The back counter upper part shows alternation of solids and voids creating a harmonious and well-balanced rhythm.
A further band can be found in the bar area: this replaces the window and turns into a display cabinet which, thanks to glass cases and led lights, lets the products be exhibited as though they were genuine pieces of jewellery.