“Cibus” originates from the vibrant drive of a young entrepreneur fully committed to offering the multitude of pilgrims visiting Monte Sant’Angelo (Apulia region) a service not otherwise available up till then.

The place is located in the historical centre a short walk from the Shrine of St Michael. As well as being a cafeteria and a bar, a fast food and a restaurant, it offers a breathtaking view of the Gargano through a garden stretching along the ancient town walls..

Creating “Cibus” has entailed a long and careful refurbishment and design work of the place along modern and stylish lines, using materials such as corian and oakwood.

“Cibus” stretches on three levels: the first is the entrance to the place, with the ice cream and pastry cases, the bar counter, the display area and the area dedicated to fast dining equipped with high tables and hooks.

In the second level we find a huge seating area, a display area for local wines and the restrooms. The uppermost level, the third, is located entirely outdoors. A spacious garden, where we can also find areas equipped with gazebos, chairs, tables and mood lighting, gives the patrons the unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable landscape.